Gurindam si Aizat & Yuna ni punya lah comel sangat
sampai aku rasa macam aku tengah bercinta pulak padahal tak pun.

Nah cuba engkorang dengar.


Dirimu bagaikan
Sebuah lukisan
Penuh warna, penuh seni
Tak layak ku miliki

Jangan kau berpura
Engkau juga sama
Membuat aku rasa tenang
Hatiku kau miliki

Dengarkan gurindam
Inilah lagu cintaku padamu
Andainya ku hilang
Biarlah lagu ku jadi temanmu

Di antara kita
Suka sama suka
Aku pasti kau punya hati ingin bersama jua

Oh.. tidak semestinya
Semua cerita cinta
Kan berakhir sesempurna, seperti kita impikan

Dengarkan gurindam
Inilah lagu cintaku padamu
Andainya ku hilang
Biarlah lagu ku jadi temanmu



SPM was so ten years ago, lah.

Yes, I took SPM exactly ten years ago. So let's see how much I have achieved in those ten years. In terms of career, money, home, car, and marriage; I must say I achieve nothing. Zero. Nada. Tiada. Yilek. Worried? Well, a bit worried but all praises to God I'm still surviving and not in the depression phase, yet. I hope I won't, haha!

Take the chill pills, and relax. Even I have nothing in terms of materials, I believe God gives me countless blessings. My faith, my family, and my friends. 3F. I have the best parents in the world, and inshaallah in the Hereafter, too. :') Everyone would say the same thing, though. But seriously, my parents and my crazy brothers (haha) are my most valuable treasure I ever have, besides my faith. I can't thank God enough for such huge blessings. All praises to God.

And. The most important thing is - I've learnt a lot from life. In fact, I still pick up life lessons till this very moment. What matter the most (at least for me) is being able to feel contented with everything despite of the ups and downs. I must bear in mind this life is temporary therefore I must remove all the negative vibes. Everything I do will be accountable in the Hereafter. I learnt (and still learning) the dos and don'ts. Yes, I am accountable for myself only; but that shouldn't stop me to be good to others. I must be good to everyone but don't get attached to any. I believe when I help others, God will definitely lend His hand to help me in return.

Twenty seven years old and counting. I still go out of my mind seeing Detektif Conan on bookstore's shelf, I would be so emotional watching Toy Story 3 every single time, and I still love that Rainbow Paddlepop Ice Cream. But when the time comes, I do discuss serious topics, too. Yelah dah dua puluh tujuh tahun, kan. Kena lah bincang hal-hal dewasa ni. But I am not a fan of arguing with people. We always see the world as we perceived. No point of arguing if you do it for the sake of showing who's the boss. I don't mind having different opinion, but we must respect each other. Respect. Itu yang penting. These days tak tau lah kenapa, people ni macam go out of control when it comes to voicing out opinion.

For the time being, I have two ultimate missions. First, settle kan PTPTN loan so that I can live happily ever after without worrying about debt. Second, I want to jejakkan kaki ke Makkah tak kira lah umrah ke haji ke yang penting I wanna go there! That's all. Dua tu je. Next, I kena selalu positip. Kena pandai bangun sendiri bila jatuh. Kena follow my own benchmark, not others'. This is my life and I'll do it at my pace. I kena cool dan rileks selalu sebab semua benda di dunia ni boleh settle dengan izin Tuhan. (Yea as usual, self-motivating at its best.)

Challenges? Bring it on, baby. Because I am all set!