At times:

Masalahnya bila tiada boifren ni tiadalah siapa untuk dikacau hai you sedang buat apa tuuu dah makan ke belum bizi keee.

Maka, kacau sajalah adik beradik yang ada memandangkan rakan sebaya pun sudah beranak pinak; malahan, tuan punya badan pun bukanlah seorang yang suka bertanya khabar sini sana.

Panjatkan kesyukuran kepada Tuhan kerana diri ini tidak terjerumus ke kancah percintaan yang entah apa penghujungnya itu.


Malam ini adalah di antara malam yang aku mahu katakan pada kamu,

Jom kita lepak dekat luar rumah kita renung Bulan sama-sama

Bulan akan jadi saksi pada perbualan kita tentang ideologi-ideologi kehidupan, tentang makanan atau cerita atau warna kegemaran, tentang cita-cita dan harapan, tentang politik negara, tentang masa depan dan masa lampau, atau apa-apa sahaja topik yang terlintas di kepala.



Buletin Utama and other things

I am actually afraid that I write too much, but who cares, here I am updating my blog.

Since I'm not a fan of mainstream social medias, how do I get myself updated with local issues and such? Yeah, you guess that right: Buletin Utama, obviously! Did you guys know there's a tree, which aged hundred of years, will be cut down due to road construction? And I was like what the fuss is all about? Why did the tree is so important until it get itself covered in the prime time news? Later, I found it was in Penang, then I understood what the fuss is all about.

A so-called playboy with no appearance of playboy, at all. At least in my point of view, though! The casts don't even have chemistry with each other. Yep, caught myself watching Malay drama. Blame it on my Mom, haha!

How I wish puberty didn't hit me fifteen years ago; now I have to deal with its biological consequences, sigh. They say 'get married, or die fasting', I guess the latter is more feasible at the time being lol

Oke tu je bye. Stay blessed!


Heard too much

Hal-hal mengandung, bersalin, dan keguguran, gurauan orang yang sudah bernikah, 'bilik berkat';

Kadang-kadang macam tak reti pulak nak letak muka dekat mana bila dengar hal-hal orang dah menikah ni.

Hello pakcik dan makcik abang dan kakak, di sini ada budak belum cukup umur, tau?


Kun fayakun

Kalau Tuhan kata belum ajal, bagilah sejuta penumbuk pun kau tetap tidak akan mati.

Kalau Tuhan kata belum jodoh, datanglah sejuta lelaki pun kau tetap tidak akan kahwin.

Kan? Habis tu adakah kau kena duduk diam-diam je sambil tunggu semua tu datang bergolek?

Pun tidak juga. Perlu usaha. Doa. Tawakal.

Cepat atau lambat, pandailah Yang Di Atas tu uruskan.


Thoughts collection

1. In case you didn't know, I am the number one fan of my own blog. Haha! That's why I couldn't stop writing because if I did, my number one fan will be frustrated.

2. I wish we've met earlier.


4. Cindy still not home after weeks. God knows how much I miss her. She's the easiest cat to look after. *BRB crying*

5. Though I am a nostalgic person, I would definitely not wanting to live in the past, ever again. No way. To reminiscing past is a yes, but to live those roads again is a big no.

6. I'm glad that my Mom is happy after I submitted the hardbound copy of my dissertation. That's unexpected. I mean, I never thought it would mean that much to her. :')

7. What's in your mind?

Two states


Dear diary,

What a day! In the train at 0740 am, heading to KL Sentral, arrived at 1000 am. Took an LRT from KL Sentral to Gombak, then went to beloved Garden of Knowledge and Virtue by RapidKL bus.

At 1100 am I safely arrived at Madam's office. Collect signatures, submit the hardbound copy (yeay!!!) yada yada fast forward to 1630 pm I'm back in the bus, went to LRT Gombak again, head to KL Sentral, rushed to ATM and managed to buy a ticket heading home.

It was 1750 pm at that moment. Decided to go to NU Sentral, with an intention to bring The Death Cure home but looking at the price tag whooops later dear book, later.

Went to the toilet okay it's 1833. What the fish??!! MY TICKET IS AT 1835 THE TRAIN'S GONNA DEPART SOON I rushed as fast as I could from NU Sentral to the ETS Platform. The gate is almost closed and I was like EXCUSE ME WAIT FOR MEE and then the guard checked my ticket, turned on his walkie talkie: There's one more person, a female, please wait.

Oh. My. God. Subhanallah alhamdulillah.

I ran towards the train and I saw the train is still there thank God phew worth my every sweat (otherwise I would lose my RM34!) Safely arrived at my beloved hometown at 2050 pm, told my brother that the delay is all due to me, heh.

And now I'm typing a blogpost. In the train, I managed to finish Penumbra's 24 Hours Bookstore, which I've started reading since Oct last year. It took ages to finish the book! That book is like a person who I don't like but I need to be with the person anyway---isn't that annoying? Blergh. Oke lah, it's 00:32 let's go to sleep, shall we?

Last but not least, be it good or bad, let's enjoy the ride!