(Nota untuk tahun ke-28 kita tangguh dahulu)


Of writings

As much as I wanna stop writing, I actually couldn't.
How am I suppose to live without venting in this blog?
This is the only place that I am comfortable to talk about me.
Whilst having a real life conversation, I seldom talk about me.
In fact, I will avoid making myself as the main topic of the conversation.
I feel discourage every time people talk about me, with me.
I flatter much.
I don't have any tales to tell.
By having this special space, I, at least, could speak at ease.
Or, write at ease, I must say.
I love how every write-up brings a rush of feelings to myself.
I remember every sweet and bitterness in each word.
I simply enjoy it.
Speaking through letters.
Drawing images using sentences.
It will be like a picture album, but displayed in words.


That moment when that someone mistook a couple of swans for a couple of ducks. Swan dengan itik jauh beza kot...

And I still remember the hysterical laugh I had afterwards.

No tales to tell

Kemungkinan besar socialising skill sudah jatuh teruk hingga ke paras negatif. Adakalanya timbul rasa mahu unsubscribe diri sendiri dari segala circle yang pernah terbina dahulu. Tukar nombor lain. Delete aplikasi WhatsApp. Selfish much? Yep. But would I really do that? Apparently nope. I still have my sanity intact lol. To tell you the truth, I actually hate the catching-up process.

Like, kau dah kerja? Bila nak ada boyfriend? Habis tu duduk rumah je? Apa plan lepas ni?



The luxurious life

Spent my day browsing the life of 'cool-kids-in-town' at their YouTube and Instagram accounts.

They’re absolutely gorgeous, I must admit, despite of their young age (early twenties and teens even!). Their make up skill are so out of this world, err... I mean my world. :p

They've a drawer just for dozens of lipsticks, a drawer just for foundation concealer whatever, another drawer just for eye liner eye shadow bronzer and such, phew! A drawer for each of it, just imagine that! And the brands are Marc Jacobs, MAC, and those other brands which I’m not familiar with but I know each of it would cost a bunch!

Looking at my room, don’t have any drawer, and I just have a bottle of Rexona, two bottles of Johnson’s Baby Powder (satu tu dah habis sebenarnya), a bottle of Clean & Clear Moisturizer, and yeah that’s it.

I am far from complaining, I am truly happy for what I have alhamdulillah, but, y'know some people are so freaking rich and you’ll be like whoaa.

So yeah… the fact that we're having a very, very different kind of life is just... mind-blowing (?)

Because I didn't know such life exists.



Have you ever wonder where did you get all the positive vibes to march on? You did a great job, indeed. And your future self’s gonna be thankful for that. Live the life of no regrets. Smile and let’s move forward!


Among other things

1. Sudden realisation: I'm (almost) twenty eight and my eyes still fabulous! Yay to that!

2. Did you guys watch 'The Little Couple' series? It has a mix of love stories, child rearing, families, career, and it's real. Watching it makes me wanna have my own family; and that is kinda surreal feelings, though. I mean like, me, having my own family? Whoa 

3. Remember Si Gebu? She gave birth to the third batch of kittens. Not four, but five little cuties! I really pray that God will bless us because otherwise we're feeding them for nothing!

4. I guess it's time to accept the fact that Cindy is gone, forever. But I dreamed of her last night. Yep cats do affect me that much.

5. I will never grow out of Pokemon and Detective Conan. I grow up WITH them.

6. I don't do Instagram and I'm proud of it!!! Imagine how much time will be wasted if I do so.

7. And hey, twenty eight is actually not that old!


Kepada Syarikat Penerbitan Tora Aman Malaysia,

Ketahuilah bahawa sesungguhnya peminat Detektif Conan masih wujud di Malaysia ini. Saya percaya masih ramai yang menantikan Volume 81 yang sudah pun diterbitkan di Jepun sejak tahun 2014 lagi. Terbitan terakhir (Volume 80) di Malaysia adalah pada Jun 2015, sudah begitu lama kami menanti. Dan membaca online bukanlah pilihan kami. Dahulu, kekerapan terbitan adalah beberapa bulan sekali; apakah kini kekerapan terbitan dikurangkan hingga setahun sekali? Perkara ini sangat menyedihkan.

Yang setia menanti,
Peminat Detektif Conan


Bencana WhatsApp


Malam tadi ada terbaca one of my fave blogs masa zaman kegemilangan blogger dahulu kala. Salah satu post dia, dia cerita pasal hal-hal group WhatsApp. Group zaman sekolah. Masing-masing dah beranak-pinak, ada juga yang kembali 'bujang'. Maka berlakulah tragedi sayang-menyayang antara suami orang dan isteri orang.

Rasa ngeri dan seram sangat membacanya. Kisah laki bini bercerai sebab Facebook dah berlaku dekat kawasan kejiranan saya beberapa tahun lepas.


Tahu tak di antara lelaki ngan perempuan di tengah-tengahnya ada shaiton?! Tak payah nak banyak alasan! Kawan lama lah, bertanya khabar lah, semua itu BS! As for me, group member yang banyak-banyak (tiga je pun) tu boleh pergi mereput, memang idok ler nak cakap apape di dalam itu. Pernah juga ada seseorang ini menyeru nama saya, huh, saya buat nohen aje! Nak kata sombong pun katalah, tak berkudis walau sedikit. Lainlah jumpa di tepi jalan, mungkin boleh bertegur-sapa, itu pun kalau kawan perempuan! Kawan lelaki, sorry, most probably saya akan mengelak dan buat tidak nampak...

Tensyennya! Serius mohon Tuhan jauhkan kita semua dari dugaan semacam itu. Takut sangat...



Ada satu nama---

yang masih tidak terpadam


A week (or so) in review

Muffin comel dan sedap, nasi lemak sambal sotong Mama, trip to UTC Ipoh, luncheon at Kapitan Falim, & two nights trip to Shah Alam.



Be it storm or tornado, we, family, will always stick together.


Status update:

01032016 14:56

Saya sedang mereput di klinik. Hingga saat ini, proses pereputan sudah mengambil masa satu jam.