A bit exaggerating, though

I have a rage inside but it dies quickly and i just don't care and i don't feel like to explain anything because you're not listening anyway

Hopefully we can now live in peace since a war has been avoided


A concept: wat lek wat pis

Guess how we spent the fifteenth of Ramadan? By watching The Conjuring 2 at ten p.m.!! If you're a big fan of horror movie, you gotta watch it like right now!! It has a blend of horror, husband-wife relationship, and family bonding, and spirit of neighbourhood! Okay I might be exaggerating but hell yeah it worth every penny! Lagipun my brother yang belanja... biasalah kalau movie outing dengan adik-beradik lelaki memang cerita hantu la jawabnya.

The price to pay after being viral is more expensive than the luxurious dinner itself... so better be careful with what you posted online!!

And I commented on a Facebook status today. It was a status posted by Department of Veterinary Services, saying that there's no need to worry about the ingredients of animal feed; to which I liked, and replied: "Tiada keperluan untuk meletak tanda halal pada makanan haiwan, cukup sekadar diketahui dan dipastikan ia bersih dan bebas dari sumber berunsur najis dan unsur berbahaya. Lagipun, kefarduan mencari yang halal hanyalah pada yang Muslim, bukan pada haiwan!"



16062016 16:28

What is my purpose of living?

To make myself happy? How? By earning money? Getting the dream job I always wanted to have? Or simply baking tonnes of cookies?

Have I made people around me happy? How? By realising their expectations? Should I care about their expectations? Or should I simply be the ears that listen?

Am I happy now? Do I need more? What more that I need, then?

Dear self, what more that you need? And most importantly, have you work on it?