Saya berkesempatan untuk berada di kenduri kahwin sendiri, semua orang happy, dan lepas tu terdetik dalam hati; he's not perfect but together we are perfect.

Amboi betul hahahaha tunggu nak cakap kat orang sebenar je ni jadi sila lah muncul segera, ya?

(I can't remember when did I write this?)


At least I can strike off one thing out of hundreds of others in the waiting list!!!


Moral of the story, the waiting game will definitely end eventually.
It just a matter of time.
And perseverance!

No lie, I am sooo happy right now wuhuuu



Kenapa kita sedih bila ada orang mati?

Kenapa saya tak macam orang lelaki yang tak menangis walaupun sedih?

Kenapa kita rindukan orang yang jauh?

Kenapa masih ada ingatan tentang orang itu?

Kenapa lama sangat?


Love to the moon and back and to the moon again and and

There are so many times, in different occasions, I'd go like, damn I love my family so freaking much. Thank you my Lord for this very very awesome family.


Diary of a fangirl

Back in the day, I have to wait for the ending credits or the weekend newspaper in order to know who is the eye-catching hero.

Now, I can simply Google it, and know who's who in one click away.


Semoga dapat kerja sebelum 2017



One thing yang I tak faham adalah kenapa ada orang pemalas sangat nak taip Happy Birthday?

Bukannya kena tebang pokok atau cedok air dari perigi.

Cuma gerakkan jari dan tekan h, a, p, p, y, spacebar, b, i, r, t, h, d, a, dan y. Empat belas gerakan jari jeee pun wehh tu pun malas ke hah?



Though I want this blog to have its own loyal readers, it really scares the shit out of me when people responding to what I've wrote.

Just keep scrolling and ignore my posts, please.

October twenty sixteen

1. I've ordered Detektif Conan Vol. 81 online and it costs me double than the usual. Oh well, I've been looking for it since forever kot so I guess a lil' investment won't hurt, right?

2. I loooove Pantene Pro V wuhuu it really works after like twice using it??!! I am indeed a satisfied user!!

3. My English is damn rusty I can't even have proper small talks sigh

4. I really thought I've left my fangirling self years ago UNTIL I SAW MATTHEW GOODE ON TV OH. MY.

5. Masih menunggu ni. Hopefully everything's gonna turn out okay.