If my life is an animal, it will probably be the slowest snail ever. Or the slowest turtle. Or the slowest sloth.

Maybe this waiting game is indeed a trial for me?

Life is so unpredictable, and, at times, it can be so ironic.

The end of the year is approaching, but I am still at level zero.

Nevertheless, alhamdulillah for everything. Put all the negative vibes aside, and let's live the life to the fullest!


Emo siket pada petang Jumaat

Oh Dear Lord, I still hoping to land on any decent job that can make me, at least, stand on my own feet.

Ya Robbi, kenapa lah hidup aku ni perlahan sangat? Kenapa orang lain dah capai macam-macam? Kenapa orang lain lepas habis belajar boleh dapat kerja atau terus kahwin tapi aku masih lagi pegun di tempat yang sama?

Tolong lah ya Tuhan, kalau macam ni gaya ujian Kau, kirimkan kesabaran pada hambaMu ini. Bukan apa, kadang-kadang payah betul nak fikir positif.

Aku pesan dah pada diri sendiri, jangan tengok padang sebelah, sebab padang kat sebelah nun rumputnya memang selalu nampak lebih hijau.

Sedih betul ni, woi



There is something in my heart that feels so heavy, but I do not know what it is. It is so heavy and it dragged me down. And I cannot lift it all by myself, so it stays there, somewhere deep, where I couldn't reach.



If life really is a race, my current standing is at the very last place, where I am still in merangkak phase rather than running to the finish line.



Can I unsubscribe myself from the social circles of the past?

Can I withdraw myself from every single thing?

Can I just ignore and quit everything?

Can I run and hide now?

And would You provide me an escape?



1. So I had a chance to go to Bangi Sentral in the afternoon, I'd say it is more or less like Greentown in Ipoh, but far more crowded.

2. There goes my RM55, for a piece of tudung-dua-muka-berwarna-krim. Sigh. That was the most expensive tudung I've ever bought. Sigh, again. Worry not, hopefully I can wear it for another hundred years, so it can be considered as a 'worth buying'.

3. Still, it was freaking fifty five Ringgit!

4. People said there are times we just wanna pack and run to a place where nobody knows us, I guess right now is that time.

5. Can I just skip this part of my life and fast forward to the part where I live happily ever after?

6. Just stop justifying everything. They don't need to know. As long as you yourself know what are you doing, that will be more than enough.

7. Amboi lajunya menaip, sedar-sedar dah tujuh point.

8. I started the journey all by myself, I will now end it all by myself, too.

9. Yes, I am still waiting for that day to come. Maybe tomorrow is the day. Or maybe not.