Say hi to commitment, woman.

As much as I want to live a life that is just enough, I finally realised that I actually cannot afford to settle less. The optimist side of me said I would survive this; while the realist side of me said I need to find another way out. Wouldn't it be nice if I could give more.

How I wish.


Self-discovery, perhaps?

I finally realised that I don't really need more; instead, what I truly need is just enough.

Just enough.

And life is not a race between me and them. I am my own strength, as well as my own enemy.

Trust me, you're gonna get through this; and you'll get there eventually.



As you can see, all previous posts are no longer here. I think it is time for me to bid farewell to the blogosphere. (Guess what, I changed my mind, hah!)

Akhir kata, harap ampunkan salah dan silap saya sepanjang bersiaran dari tahun 2009. Terima kasih kerana terus setia walaupun entah apa lah yang saya bebelkan selama ini.

Peace and out,