Wuhuuu one year down and another is waiting, I'll turn thirty years old, insha-Allah, next year. Coming from an average family, birthday wishes from the loved ones are the only thing that makes the day differ from any other day. Otherwise, it is simply an ordinary day.

I woke up pretty late than usual (lol blame the after-Subuh nap!) and my breakfast was a Maggi Kari Hot Cup, I did the laundry, potong rumput, feed my catsss, made sambal belacan with our home-grown cabai, and just now we were having satay ikan as our evening snack.

Speaking of satay ikan, who doesn't love satay ikan? I remember back in the 90s, when I was in SKAUK, there was one pakcik sells satay ikan outside of the school compound, and it becomes one of my personal favourites ever since! Funny how my two younger brothers, both are now in their early 20s, do not have any clue about satay ikan?!

Okay now I have no idea on how to end this. Nak cakap pasal birthday pergi cakap pasal satay ikan pula, hish.

Anyway, stay true to yourself and cherish your own time zone!


D said...

Happy birthday, Syuhada! Cherish love, cherish old age.

Hope I got your name right.

Syuhada said...

Yay! Thanks, D! ♡

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday

Syuhada said...

Thank you, anon!